Multi-Family Office

Multi-Family Office

We offer dedicated and client-oriented wealth management services through qualified professionals who analyze, manage and structure tailored solutions.

Our methodology is carefully planned according to domestic and international economic scenarios and our clients’ corporate and family contexts, as well as their life plans. 


Independent structure

Independent management with no conflicts of interest. 


Individualized management 

We constantly strive to balance the goals and objectives of each family, building a portfolio that offers the best risk-return ratio and profitability that is aligned with their desires and preserves their capital.
Our management model aligns individual choices for assets and funds (bottom up) with allocation by type of investment (portfolio allocation), which is constantly rebalanced according to variations in financial scenarios (top down). This effort is aimed at maximizing long-term profitability according to each family’s profile and minimizing risks to ensure consistent capital returns. 


Global advisory

Management of local and international assets. 


Open architecture   

Wide access to different financial products through conflict-free decisions. 


One stop shop 

Our investment structure allows access to all our areas: Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring, Structured Debt and Venture Capital. 



Detailed assessment of our clients risk profile and investment portfolio for more efficient allocation. 


Wealth planning 

In addition to gaining access to G5 Partners’ financial wealth management services, our clients are also advised by our Wealth Planning area, whose main purpose is to assist in their wealth and succession planning with the required attention and confidentiality. This integrated advisory is aimed at optimizing and perpetuating our clients’ assets. 

The Wealth Planning area coordinates, with third-party specialists, different demands in terms of wealth and succession planning, such as: 

> Inheritance and donations of assets in Brazil and overseas 

> Constitution and reorganization of corporate structures in Brazil and overseas 

> Other citizenship concerns 

> Philanthropic initiatives 

We act strictly under the legal and regulatory limits that apply to investment managers and the nature of the advisory service and our team is prepared to address not only technical matters, but also the emotional aspects of negotiations, thus contributing to the stability and well-being of our clients’ families during the entire planning and asset transition process. 


Best practices in fund management 


G5 Administradora de Recursos LTDA. is approved and regulated by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) for securities portfolio management services and follows the best market practices for fund management set by the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities (ANBIMA), in addition to adhering to the ThirdParty Fund Management Code, which establishes principles and rules for asset and fund management activities. Therefore, our activities comply with the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. Learn more about the Code. 

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Code of Conduct
Wealth Management Reference Form
Pricing Manual
Risk Management Manual
Compliance Policy
Policy for Exercising Voting Rights at Shareholders’ Meetings
Liquidity Risk Management Manual

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