At G5 Partners, we carry out our corporate responsibility in a way that is integrated and evolves with our environmental, social and governance practices. This contributes to healthier and more environmentally sustainable work initiatives and environment. 


We are committed to the environment and in maintaining sustainable practices, therefore we follow best practices in managing waste generated at our offices. 

We are a carbon neutral company. Our partnership with the NGO Idesam offsets our emissions by replanting forests in the Amazon. This means we offset G5 Partners’ CO2 emissions throughout the year. 

Since 2022, and for the third consecutive year, we have neutralized more than 115.1 ton of CO2 by replanting of 3,280 m² of forest. 


To foster our culture of social responsibility, we established, in 2017, the “Francisco Gros Excellence Award” in honor of our friend and founding partner, Francisco Roberto André Gros, who passed away in 2010. Francisco’s memory inspires us to maintain our commitment in building a better, fairer and more developed world. This award ai aimed at recognizing, every year, people or institutions that remind us of the values that Francisco so exemplarily personified. 

In 2021, the Francisco Gros award recognized Instituto Cesar Cielo, whose main mission is to encourage the practice and development of Brazilian swimmers. 

In 2022, the Francisco Gros award recognized RenovaBR, a political renewal initiative that supports and prepares new leaders in Brazil. 

In 2023, the Francisco Gros award recognized ESPM, whose mission is to train leaders capable of transforming businesses. The school offers scholarship initiatives and other student incentives to help young Brazilians make their dreams come true. 

In 2020, the Francisco Gros award recognized Instituto Gerando Falcões, which operates through a network strategy to develop social projects in Brazilian suburbs and favelas. 

In 2019, the Francisco Gros award recognized Instituto Elos, an organization that works by connecting people through architecture and urbanization projects, carried out in partnerships with the private sector and residents of underprivileged communities. 

In 2018, the Francisco Gros award recognized Instituto Four, which seeks to train young leaders interested in working to solve Brazil’s main problems. Since 2018, two partners from G5 Partners have been worked directly to support I4’s initiatives. 

In 2017, G5 Partners and its team supported Junior Achievement, a mentoring initiative carried out by 34 of our team members at a technical school (ETEC) in São Paulo, during a 4-month period, linked to the initiative’s Entrepreneurship Development program. 


To sustain its efficient and responsible management, G5 Partners adopts a modern corporate governance structure aligned with best market practices, which includes well-defined operational processes and policies, sophisticated controls and information systems, and strict compliance practices. 

Operational and Compliance Practices
All MFO, DCM and credit activities carried out by G5 Partners are subject to CVM’s rules, regulations and monitoring.
G5 Holdings has been audited since 2010 and, since 2018, the company discloses its financial statements according to IFRS.
G5 Partners is associated with ANBIMA and adopts the best market practices implemented by this institution.
Since 2022, G5 Partners has been using an ERP solution from SAP, the global leader in this segment.
G5 Partners is a member of AMEC, who represents the interests of minority investors in the Brazilian capital market.
G5 Partners is in the process of implementing a CRM solution from Salesforce, the global leader in this segment.

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