Privacy Policy

This document aims to inform the Users of our Website or Application, as well as holders of personal data, about the terms of use and how we collect and use their information in our activities. 

Data Collection 

G5 Partners may collect personal data provided directly by Users or via cookies. In these cases, G5 Partners will collect all personal data provided or forwarded when accessing one of our channels (Website or Application) or when hiring services provided by any of its companies. 

G5 Partners uses cookies to facilitate navigation and better adapt its Website and Applications to the needs and interests of its Users, as well as to assist and improve its structures and contents. Cookies may also be used to accelerate future activities and experiences with our services. 

Through the use of cookies, our Website or Application compiles information on browser activities, including IP address and the page accessed. These activity logs, which may include data such as IP address, activities performed on the Website or Application, pages accessed, dates and times of each activity and access to pages of the Website or Application, as well as information regarding the device used, version of the operating system, browser and other applications installed, will only be used for statistical purposes and metrics for the services provided, as well as to investigate fraud or inappropriate changes in systems and records, and are not intended to provide data to third parties without the User’s express authorization. 

The Users of our services may, at any time, revoke authorization on the use of cookies and use their preferred browser settings. However, certain functionalities of our services may not work as expected under different settings and aspects related to information security and fraud prevention may also be impacted. 

For more information on how to manage cookies directly in your preferred browser, please click on the links below: 

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Processing of Personal Data 

Personal data is processed by G5 Partners for different purposes according to its relationship with the Group’s companies. Below are some of the main hypotheses in which we will process your personal data: 

a. To deliver the services and products and to fulfill other contractual obligations relating to G5 Partners’ services, such as Financial Wealth Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Funding, among others; 

b. When G5 Partners is required to comply with any legal or regulatory obligation, including but not limited to, resolutions, circulars, normative instructions and notices issued by competent authorities (such as the National Monetary Council, Central Bank, CVM, SUSEP) defining, among others: (i) security measures to prevent abuse and fraud, as well as procedures for detecting transactions that deviate from normal standards; (ii) the recording, when necessary, of phone calls, emails and chats; and (iii) measures for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing; 

c. To exercise its rights in legal, administrative or arbitration proceedings, including the storage of information for its defense in legal, administrative or arbitration proceedings; 

d. To achieve the legitimate interests of G5 Partners, always within the limits of its expectations and never to the detriment of its interests, rights and fundamental freedoms; 

e. To create and assess our customers’ profile, aimed at offering customized products to meet their needs. This can be achieved by analyzing their habits and preferences according to their interactions in the channels offered by G5 Partners’ companies; 

f. To establish statistics, tests and assessments for research and development purposes, aimed at managing and evaluating business risks, improving and/or creating new products; 

g. To conduct activities aimed at preventing fraud events; and 

h. To send marketing emails upon authorization granted by Users. 

Sharing of Personal Data

G5 Partners may sometimes need to share your personal data with third parties in the following situations: 

i. With partner companies and suppliers to develop and provide services to the User, so long they comply with G5 Partners’ internal security and Third Party Contracting processes; 

ii. With authorities, government entities or other third parties to protect G5 Partners’ interests in any type of conflict, including lawsuits and administrative proceedings; 

iii. When transferring data is required to continue offering services within the scope of corporate transactions and operations involving G5 Partners; or 

iv. Due to court orders or requests made by administrative authorities who are legally entitled to issue such request. 

Storage of Personal Data

Any personal data held by G5 Partners will be stored according to the strictest security standards adopted by the market, which includes adopting measures such as: 

  • Protection against unauthorized access; 
  • Restricted access to the location where personal data is stored; 
  • Procedures to ensure that agents, internal employees and external partners processing personal data are committed in maintaining absolute confidentiality of the data, adopting best practices for handling such information, pursuant to corporate policies and processes; 
  • Encryption for storing sensitive data through highly secure algorithms; 
  • Encryption in data transfer when connected to the server, using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. 

In addition to technical efforts, G5 Partners also adopts institutional measures aimed at protecting personal data and constantly updates its governance and privacy program relating to its activities and governance structure. 

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