Franciso Gros Excellence Award


In 2017, G5 Partners created the Francisco Gros Excellence Award to recognize, every year, people or institutions in our relationship network who, in some way, remind us of the legacy left by our former partner. A legacy consisting of dialogue, appreciation for teamwork, respect for others and, above all, commitment to building a better, fairer and more developed world. 


Meet the winners

In 2023, the Francisco Gros Award was given to ESPM São Paulo, represented by its president Dalton Pastore.   

In addition to its commitment in providing excellent education and training of its students, ESPM incorporates into its mission the commitment of generating relevant social impact through several education programs: (i) scholarships for low-income students who pass the entrance exam, (ii) tutoring for public high school students in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, (iii) training and updating for public school teachers in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and (iv) Portuguese and Brazilian culture classes for Afghan refugees, in the process of adapting to the country.  

G5, its partners and team are especially grateful to Dalton Pastore, Renato Loes and Fernando Cesário, and hope to increasingly strengthen the firm’s relationship with ESPM and support its social impact activities through education. 

Making the world a better place. It was with this in mind that we created the Francisco Gros Excellence Award, in honor of one of the first partners of G5, Francisco Roberto André Gros, who left us a very important legacy, which is the commitment to building a fairer and more developed world. This year, we reached the sixth edition of the award, which recognizes people and institutions that bring, in their essence, the same values that Francisco believed and exemplified.   

Therefore, then 6th Francisco Gros Excellence Award was given to an institution that represents respect for democracy, dialogue, differences and community: RenovaBR, a school that trains new political leaders, guided by democracy, multi-partyism and transparency.  

“To change the political scenario and create a more developed, equal and fairer country, we need people with more awareness and leaders who are better prepared. That is what RenovaBR does and that is why they deserve to receive the Francisco Gros Excellence Award”, said André Benchimol, Founding Partner of G5.  

“The work currently done by RenovaBR constitutes an important pillar of citizenship in a country as plural and complex as Brazil. While it encourages and promotes a technical training of our public representatives, it also values the use of dialectics in the search for consensus about the country we want to build”, complemented Levindo Santos, Partner of G5.  

RenovaBR is currently the largest political training school in Brazil. The institution selects and trains leaders to occupy elected positions across the country, at federal, state and municipal levels. The training enables these leaders to transform scenarios, with qualified knowledge about the country’s reality, based on data and evidence, transparency and a lot of dialogue with the population and those who really understand the essential issues behind politics. According to Eduardo Mufarej, the founder of RenovaBR, “society needs to reattribute value and perceive the relevance of the political class so we can build a fairer and more prosperous Brazil. Receiving this award is an important recognition of a strategic sector that moves our country. G5 is a reference in financial services in Brazil, with the highest standards of excellence, and being chosen by an institution of such prestige is a profound recognition”.  

Below is a list of winners of the Francisco Gros Excellence Award:  

2017 – Celso Eduardo Moura, from Clube dos Desbravadores   

2018 – Wellington Trindade Vitorino, founder of Instituto Four  

2019 – Instituto Elos  

2020 – Gerando Falcões  

2021 – Instituto Cesar Cielo  

2022 – RenovaBR  

In 2021, Instituto Cesar Cielo was chosen for the Francisco Gros Award. The institute, which has been operating since 2010, is headed by Cesar Cielo, Olympic gold medalist, and his mother, Flávia Cielo, and its main mission is to encourage the practice and development of Brazilian swimmers. The choice was based on the inspiration conveyed in every action carried out by the Institution, which seeks to transform and develop, through this sport, the reality and lives of the children participating in their projects. 

The year of 2020 will be marked in history. The uncertainties and difficulties imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic exposed social differences and warned us to be even more aware and engaged in our social responsibilities. Thus, the Francisco Gros Excellence Award gained even more relevance this year, in which we decided to recognize and support Gerando Falcões, an institution that worked on the front line in the fight against the pandemic, bringing food and personal hygiene products to over 500,000 people in underprivileged communities in Brazil. Gerando Falcões is a social organization that operates through a network strategy in suburbs and favelas. Its projects are focused on sports and culture for children and teenagers and professional training for young adults, acting as an engine that generates income for families, including for individuals released from the penitentiary system. Gerando Falcões and its CEO and Founder, Edu Lyra, were recognized for their tireless and exemplary work, particularly for implementing the campaign “Corona no Paredão, Fome Não”. The Francisco Gros Excellence Award was presented to Lyra by Corrado Varoli, the CEO of G5 Partners, and Renato Klarnet, André Benchimol, Nathaniel Wendling and Levindo Santos, all Partners at G5. 

Upon receiving the Award, which was presented through an online ceremony with the presence of our entire team, Edu Lyra recalled his childhood days when he lived in a shack at a favela, and the struggles he faced to build Gerando Falcões to help many families in Brazil. “I lived in a situation of extreme poverty and vulnerability. I could have gone down a path sentenced to me by society, but I had a very strong mother who told me: it doesn’t matter where you come from, but where you are going. You can conquer the world; you can achieve anything”. 

In 2019, we recognized Instituto Elos with the Francisco Gros Excellence Award for their role in transforming the reality of many communities. Elos aims to connect people, communities, governments and companies around a common dream, promoting diversity through dialogue, compassion and creativity to create the best world for everyone. The award was personally delivered to three representatives: Natasha Mendes Gabriel, Pedagogical and Project Officer, Mariana Gauche Motta, Operations and Strategy Officer, and Rodrigo Rubido Alonso, Institutional Relations Officer. 

Photo: Natasha Mendes (left), Mariana Gauche Motta (center) and Rodrigo Rubido Alonso, representatives of Instituto Elos, alongside Levindo Santos, senior partner at G5 Partners. 


Photo: Natasha Mendes (left), Mariana Gauche Motta (center) and Rodrigo Rubido Alonso, representatives of Instituto Elos, alongside Levindo Santos, senior partner at G5 Partners. 

In 2018, G5 Partners awarded one of the extraordinary examples of young leadership in Brazil: Wellington Trindade Vitorino, 24 years old and founder of Instituto Four. This non-profit institution seeks to select, train and develop young leaders who desire to develop solutions for Brazilian issues and aspire to be a part of the main decision-making spaces in the country. The institution is also responsible for ProLíder, a youth leadership development program. Vitorino’s fight and victories began early. At the age of 12, he set up a small candy factory and worked by selling popsicles, while studying in the public school system until he got a scholarship to a private high school for his senior year. He received scholarships from the American Embassy, Escola Parque da Gávea, Casa de Espanha and the Oxford English Center. He also became a scholar at Fundação Estudar and graduated in Business Administration from Ibmec-RJ. At the age of 21, he created a program to support young people, just like him, to become leaders and work in the public sphere or undertake entrepreneurial initiatives.  

Photo: Wellington Trindade Vitorino, 24 years old (center), founder of Instituto Four, receives the award from the partners and team at G5. 

The first edition of the award went to our team member Celso Eduardo Moura. He is the vice president of Clube dos Bravadores, a voluntary initiative in São Paulo that assists children and teenagers through donations of clothing, food items and tutoring for studies. Celso Eduardo also manages other activities, such as camping, trips and gatherings on weekends. In the capital of São Paulo alone, 30 teenagers from the ages of 10 to 15 are assisted.There is no better award than the smile of a child who has a dream come true or achieves something they did not expect. I thank G5 for seeing, practicing and encouraging altruism to its team members, because this is how we literally build a better world”, stated the member of our IT team. 

Photo: Celso Eduardo (black shirt) receives the Francisco Gros award from Corrado Varoli, CEO, Renato Klarnet and Marcelo Lajchter, Founding Partners, Levindo Santos, Senior Partner, and the team at G5. 

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