The CEO of QuintoAndar recalls the company’s beginnings and discusses its current challenges

July 2023

G5 Talks is a project through which business leaders exchange experiences and learnings with the team at G5 Partners. Gabriel Braga, one of the founding partners and CEO of QuintoAndar, was the guest for the G5 Talks edition at the end of May. He was joined by Corrado Varoli, Founding Partner and CEO, and Levindo Santos, Senior Partner. During the conversation, Gabriel talked about his entrepreneurial journey since the beginning until now, and how he views the ongoing transformations in the real estate market, as well as the impacts caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to the market. Gabriel recalled the beginning of QuintoAndar, shortly after he arrived from earning his MBA at Stanford, California. It was a battle that lasted several years, always with limited money, until he and his partner, André Penha, managed to get the startup off the ground and turn it into one of the icons of digital entrepreneurship in Latin America. “What I learned from this experience is that we need to be more passionate about the problem than the solution. Throughout this journey, I tried to combine conviction and determination on one hand, with humility on the other. This was essential for me to adjust to the challenges we faced and not give up along the way,” he stated. Gabriel also talked about how he reinvented himself and learned throughout the process so he could grow with the company and become qualified to manage a business of relevant size. “Now, I am not able to follow everything that goes on at the company closely. There comes a time when you need to operate with instruments and understand the business in layers.” 

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