Investment League of Escola Politécnica/UFRJ

February 2024

On January 18, we hosted 14 undergraduate students from the Engineering School of UFRJ – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. On the students’ side, the meeting was coordinated by Matheus Becker Barbosa, Vice President of the Investment League of Escola Politécnica/UFRJ. At the meeting, our co-CEO, Renato Klarnet, spoke about his career, which began in 1993 in Rio de Janeiro, followed by his 11 years working in New York as a fund manager in some of the world’s leading investment banks, until returning to São Paulo, in 2007, to create G5 Partners with co-founders Corrado Varoli and Marcelo Lajchter. The meeting was also joined by Daniel Lombardi, Principal of the Advisory team, and Kalenin De Moraes Branco, Analyst of G5’s Wealth Management Division. Daniel and Kalenin, who both earned their degrees in Engineering from Poli USP, shared a bit of their professional experience, in particular on how they managed to migrate and develop their careers in the financial market. 

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