Investment League of Escola Politécnica/UFRJ

February 2024

On December 14, we hosted a group of six students from the Investment League of Escola Politécnica/UFRJ: Guilherme Hostin, Guilherme Maciel, João Pedro Becker, Marcos Lack, Maria Eduarda Milhomem and Matheus Becker. In practice, it was a “challenge”, developed and suggested by the students themselves, in which they proposed a hypothetical M&A transaction involving two publicly traded Brazilian companies, to a fictitious Board of Directors. During the exercise, André Sunye, Maria Clara Quintal and Enzo Miranda, from G5 Partners, played the role of Board Members of one of the companies. We were very impressed with the quality of the analyzes and depth of the debate presented by these UFRJ students. 

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