We maintain an active synergy with our partners so we can offer the best business solutions that meet the profile and characteristics of each client. 


CITIC Securities International, headquartered in China, is a fully owned subsidiary of CITIC Securities Co. Ltd., one of the leading Chinese investment banks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. CITIC Securities operates prominently in the Chinese capital market, in business areas such as securities trading, investment banking and asset management. CITIC Securities’ shares are part of the SSE 50 index, also being one of the five main shares in the FTSE / Xinhua A50 index in China. Through its headquarters in Hong Kong, CITIC Securities International is responsible for leading CITIC Securities’ expansion process into global capital markets. 


Kotak Investment Banking (KIB) is a leading investment bank in India that offers integrated solutions covering highly complex financial advisory and financing transactions. The company’s portfolio includes fundraising through debt and equity operations and advisory on mergers and acquisitions, private equity and infrastructure transactions. KIB is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited, one of the most respected banking and financial services institutions in India. 


Mizuho Securities is a leading bank in Japan, headquartered in Tokyo, serving a diverse group of clients, as well as individual and institutional investors. In the investment banking area, Mizuho offers a wide range of services, including advisory on underwriting of shares and securities, strategic advisory on mergers and acquisitions, structured finance operations, sales & trading of shares and bonds, equity research and custody of investment funds. 


NH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. (NH), was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in South Korea. NH offers a wide range of financial services in the domestic and international markets. The company provides various types of strategic advisory, including in debt and equity fundraising operations, mergers and acquisition transactions, project financing and private equity for corporate clients. 

NH also engages in the trading activities for equities, debt securities, derivatives, futures and options, in addition to managing client investment portfolios and providing international brokerage services. Additionally, NH provides wealth management services to high-net-worth clients. NH was founded and is headquartered in Seoul and is the largest broker in South Korea for managed assets. 


Moonvalley Capital (MVC), an independent financial services firm located in Chile, began its operations in 2014 based on the extensive experience and knowledge of its partners, as well as an extensive network of relationships with key companies and investors in Latin America. MVC provides financial advisory in several areas, such as: mergers and acquisitions, divestments, fundraising, valuations and private equity. 


Quantum Finanzas, located in Argentina, is a leading financial advisory firm focused on corporate finance services, including mergers and acquisitions, project financing, debt restructuring, valuations, and asset management. Quantum Finanzas is headquartered in Buenos Aires. 


Raine Group is an international investment bank focused exclusively on the technology, media and telecommunications markets. The company has offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Shanghai and Mumbai. Through its global reach, Raine focuses its efforts on identifying investment and advisory opportunities, where its extensive industry experience and unique network of strategic relationships can create value for the companies and clients of its portfolio. For more information, visit 

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