G5 Partners support Gerando Falcões NGO campaign

January 2024

G5 Partners is committed to transforming the reality of the Brazil and has always actively participated in educational and social projects. Faced with the responsibility of combating the Covid-19 pandemic, our partners and employees joined forces to make donations to the Gerando Falcões NGO, in an effort to help vulnerable communities in need of food and personal hygiene products. Our employees and clients are supporting the NGO’s “CORONA NO PAREDÃO FOME NÃO” campaign by collecting donations for food baskets. Gerando Falcões does an outstanding job and acts as a bridge involving a network of other NGOs. A family with approximately 5 people needs one food basket every 15 days. The NGO is distributing the equivalent to 6 food baskets, per family, through the issue of digital pre-approved debit cards to purchase personal hygiene and food items. This support is aimed at helping vulnerable families with basic food items during the 3 most critical months of the crisis. This aid will allow families to remain in their homes without the need to seek essential sustenance and reduce their risks of contamination and spreading the virus to the communities. If you want to know to learn more about the project and donate, click here.

Watch the video below with a message from Edu Lyra, the CEO of Gerando Falcões: Click here 

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